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Welcome to the Official Website of Girimānanda Dhammā Sāsana Trust

Girimānanda Dhammā Sāsana Trust and Girimananda Forest Meditation Centre is a Forest Monastery and it is a Buddhist monastery in the Theravāda tradition, with emphasis on the teaching and practice of Vipassanā (Insight) meditation. Founded on 30th September in 2021, it is situated in a forest along the Gandacherra Dumbur lake range, near the village of Amulya Dhan Para, around the water, like an island and the monastery surrounding hillocks is looking like an enchantingly emerald green. The Girimananda Forest Meditation Centre is a newly established in Dhalai district under Gandacherra Sub-division of Tripura. It is located at the remotest region in the state which is around 120km. from Agartala,the capital of Tripura. Both Road and local Boating facilities are available in this meditation centre, and one can reach within an hour to this meditation centre by local Boating. The meditation centre is situated in the west side of the Narkel Kunjo.(Cocunut Island,one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Tripura).

The Abbot:

The Principal Teacher

The Most Venerable Girimananda Mahathera (Inrarath Chakma)is the abbot and principal teacher of Girimānanda Dhammā Sāsana Trust and Girimananda Forest Meditation Centre, Gandachara, Tripura, India. The most Venerable Girimananda Mahathera (Indrarath Chakma) was born in 1975, and Mahathera was ordained as a novice monk (sāmaṇera) at age 20 (Twenty). He studied the Pāli Texts under various teachers and various Monasteries while still a novice and after few months Mahathera received higher ordination as a Bhikkhu. He continued his studies of Pāli Texts under learned elder monks, in various Monasteries. In 2014, Mahathera intensified his meditation practice and began to practice "forest dwelling" in Myanmar. While, he continued with his studies of Pāli Texts and inside vipassana meditation and investigation into the Dhamma, and he has practiced vipassana meditation whole-heartedly about four and half years in Myanmar at various forest monasteries and he has received many meditation certificates. The most venerable Girimananda Mahathera has taught vipassana meditation (Kammaṭṭhānācariya) in Australia and Vietnam more than four years and visited various places and monasteries and countries. He can speaks in English, Bengali, Hindi, Chakma, and Chittagong language etc.

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